Jan 08


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Honorary Delegations from around the world.

Welcome to Bali ! Welcome to 2nd WESA 2012.
Om Swastiastu.

Today,it is an honor and blessing for Bali and Republic of Indonesia hosted a grand event about saving the environment and Eco safety movement held by the initiative of the International Eco Safety Cooperative Organization ( IESCO ).

We prayed grace,that we gather here in the island of Bali,to discuss about one thing that should be a priority for the entire nations. It’s about the real environment issues, connection with the future and existence of our beloved planet earth,as the big home for human community together with the nature and other habitats.
Indonesia as one of the world’s largest tropical maritime country,for sure would like to contribute to save the world environment,particularly the contribution and participation through ideas and concrete actions as mandated by our Founding Father the late President Dr Ir Sukarno. I believe,one of his legacy until today is to teach the world generations to preserve an ecological safety.
And this is how he built Indonesia,the great nation and home for the most environment diversity in the world.
And let me,in this great forum to convey an Indonesia idea which was taken from the essence of the Balinese Hindu culture,teaching about how to harmonize a human life since thousand and thousand of years ago to the present.
And this philosophy was known as TRI HITA KARANA.
From the great Sanskrit language,Tri Hita Karana means :
Tri (Three),Hita (Happiness) and Karana (Causes).
Teach us,that Mankind to always relate with Three Causes of Happiness.

The First,is the human relation with God,which is also known as the Almighty,the Supreme Being and in Islam,we called Allah SWT.
In scientific language,we called it as Macrocosmos,a major source which unreachable by humans.
The Second,is the human relation with Nature,it’s a mutual relationship between human with the natural elements such as land,water,forest,sea,air and others.
In scientific language,we called it as Microcosmos.
The Third,is the human relation with other human being,it’s become one of the most important thing.When we look back to life,that human being as a social creature whose always dependent on each other.And to maintain a relationship with God and Nature above,there must be a mutual relation and also the understanding among communities all nations.For me and for Indonesian people,this is the implementation of PANCASILA Ideology what we call as “Gotong Royong” or “Work Together” including the cooperation with the world community and International solidarity.
The three things above which our ancestors in the past has always taught,that the generation should follow and obey the great value from the philosophy of “Unity of life” which has been exemplified by Balinese community of this beautiful island.
But along with growing age of this planet,the growing number of people and also the limited resources availability,eventually getting raises the environmental issues,not just in domestic domain,but also affect the International relations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,Brothers and Sisters.

That’s why when I met Professor Dr Jiang Mingjun President of IESCO who wish and ask Indonesia as a venue for 2nd World Eco Safety Assembly in 2012,and also consider the goal of IESCO to spread the value of the Eco Safety awareness,by support from Indonesia Government and The Sukarno Center.
I believe this is a beautiful coincidence that Bali with the Tri Hita Karana,the value of the ancient agrarian society unites with the modern ideas of Eco Safety by IESCO.
I believe,this is a good karma for Bali to meet all of you today here.
For the reason,The Sukarno Center as the International institution which fight for, brings the human field and environmental ethics as the Spirit of Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955 which founded by the late President Sukarno,as known also as the Leader of Asia and Africa countries.
We support the Three Eco Safety programs which will become a platform of 2nd WESA 2012 : the Natural Eco Safety,the Ecosystem Safety and the National Eco Safety.
In this 2nd World Ecological Safety Assembly 2012 in Bali,we are not only going to discuss and draw up the legislation words or the law enforcement,but also build the world awareness of Eco Safety.
Finally,The Sukarno Center is very welcomed and support for IESCO to declare a permanent forum in Bali with an ongoing program of the 1st Ecological Safety Forum of Island Countries 2013.We wish also by blessing of the Presidium of IESCO,my humble request that this Assembly approved the set up an IESCO International branch office in Bali,Indonesia to support all the IESCO International programs together with networking all around the globe.This is will become a sustainable goals for Bali and Indonesia which will become a part of the APEC 2013 and the ASEAN community 2015.I am sure with the charm and vibration of Bali,the idea of saving the environment will be easier accomplished.
All for the sake of Nature,the happiness of Mankind with the unity of flora and fauna.

May God bless us.

Bali,Indonesia 10th December 2012

The SUKARNO Center
Sukmawati Sukarno